Meet the Staff


Professional StaffClinic-view.jpg

  • Dr. Jennifer J. Smith - Chief of Surgery, Hospital Director
  • Dr. Katharine Porter – Intern
  • Dr. Rebecca Curry– Intern

Administrative Staff

  • Janet Miller - Administrative Assistant

Farm and Stable Staff

  • Len Ackernecht – Stable Technician
  • Humberto Garcia – Stable Technician
  • Debbie Hartrum - Stable Technician
  • Tim Mangano - Stable Technician

Clinical Staff

  • Amanda Kyle - Surgical/Anesthesia Technician

NJEC Farrier

Joe Rayll

Consulting Veterinarian – Acupuncture and Chiropractic Therapy

James D. Kenney, DVM

Consulting Veterinarian – Ophthalmology

Kristina Vygantas, DVM, ACVO

Consulting Veterinarian - Equine Dentist

David L. Foster, VMD